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学生感言 | P同学 毕业学校:国内国际学校 录取学校:霍奇基斯中学、米尔顿高中、韦伯中学



Sino Elite helped me understand, cherish, and enjoy the application process. I would meet with my advisor once a month or so, and we would eat together and talk about my new experiences and next steps. I could tell them about a new school project I was excited about, an interesting book I read, or even just funny stories! We would joke, chat, and get productive in the same afternoon.

I learnt to love every stage of my growth, from not knowing what the TOEFL was, to writing my essays in the Sino Elite office, and how to interact with the interviewers so they can get to know me as best as possible. They are more than an organization or a provider of numerous camps that helped me strengthen my artistic and theatrical skills, they are a second family. Sino Elite didn’t just come with teachers who were experts on US boarding schools, it also came with new opportunities to grow as a person (not just a student, because we all are more than our titles), and strangers who became my friends.



But thinking back to it all, my favorite part about Sino Elite are the kind, understanding, and always available teachers. When I became worried or anxious about anything, I could call a Sino Elite teacher. One day, I was feeling extremely stressed before my student council class rep election, so decided to call Nana (a Sino Elite teacher). She helped me with my speech ideas and gave me a huge boost of confidence. I ended up with the role for the third year, and from then on, I would always call Nana when I felt stuck. They take time out of their daily lives to listen to me and give me great advice, not just about boarding schools, but life in general. They are committed, and this inspires me.




General/ day to day


1)Try to be as organized as possible: keep a notes folder on your phone for quick ideas and reminders, make folders on your computer for files and essays, and “sticky on top” your WeChat group so you don’t miss any messages. Don’t delete things you may need like old drafts and interview notes.


2)It’s important to listen to the teachers and your parents, however, make your own decisions based on their advice. Their job is to help you, so listen to them. But your favorite school (etc.) is your choice, not theirs.


3)Don’t be afraid to ask the teachers any questions, they will be there to help.


4)In order to understand your schools, do some thorough research. Find out about clubs and courses that correspond with your talents, and analyze your choices.


5)Don’t get stressed over the tasks you are given, all of it will contribute to your journey and help you grow.


Interview/ tour


1)Make sure your stories are authentic during interviews, because the admission officers can tell if you lie. Smile, have a straight posture, and talk with confidence and humor.


2)During the interview, treat it like a fun conversation (because that’s what it is.) The interviewer simply wants to know you as an individual, so who you are to him/ her.


3)Be cheerful during your tour, ask the guide (smart) questions, and make sure your parents also do so. Please avoid argument during the tour, because the guide will be well aware and (possibly) report back to the admission officer.


4)If the interviewer seems to be very cold/ serious, ignore it! Continue to pour positivity and stories onto them. You could also ask about a special club/ building of the school, which fills them with pride and joy (this works!). Usually, they become friendlier.


5)After the tour and interview, email both the tour guide and interviewer, expressing your joy.


The layout of an interview


1)The admission officer will take you to a room, you will be asked to sit down. if you have a portfolio or gift, put it beside the chair.


2)Blah blah questions. this is the perfect time to tell as many as your stories as possible (Sino elite will go over this with you.)


3)When the officer is talking, listen carefully and show your focus.


4)At some point, they will ask you about your portfolio. Just be enthusiastic and passionate when presenting it. if they forget to ask, kindly remind them.


5)After your interview, the officer will ask you to ask them some questions. if you did your research, it should all go smoothly. Aim to ask them about specific things that relate to you, don’t ask dumb questions.


6)The interview ends, you shake hands, he/she gives your their contact card, you leave and your parents are brought into the room.


7)Email the guide and admission officer a thank you letter afterwards.


8)The end, onto the next school.