Sino Elite Education English Assessment Test: Middle School

For questions 1-3, please select the correct synonym. Each question has a word in all capital letters followed by five answer choices in all lower-case letters. Select the answer choice with a definition closet to the capitalized word.

  • 2.COWARD
  • 3.NOVICE

Questions 4-5 ask you to identify and compare relationships between pairs of words. Select the answer that best completes the comparison.

  • 4.Opinionated is to indecisive as
  • 5.Temperature is to heat as pound is to

Please read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.
Toni Morrison, whose name was originally Chloe Anthony Wofford, is a writer of great distinction who has won many awards, one of which was the Pulitzer Prize in 1988. From her very first novel, The Bluest Eye, the writer has portrayed the struggles of black people, and especially black women, in America. Her writing is multifaceted and profound with the distinctive African-American culture as the backbone. Morrison’s novels are literary epics with strong, descriptive dialogue and black characters with powerful depth.

  • 6.This passage describes Toni Morrison’s writing as all of the following EXCEPT:
  • 7.According to the passage, Toni Morrison’s writing has succeeded in:
  • 8.In line four, the word multifaceted can be interpreted to mean:
  • 9.What is the main idea of the passage?
  • 10.Who do you think would MOST enjoy reading Morrison’s work?

The following questions all include one or two sentences with one error (either a grammatical error or awkward sentence structure). Please choose the response that best corrects the error and does not change the initial meaning of the sentences.

  • 11.“Me and my father went to the store this afternoon.”
  • 12.The meaning of his words was even more meaningful in his own country than either Europe or Latin America.

The following is an unfinished draft to an essay. Please read the draft and answer the questions that ask you to make edits to the writing.
1 When I arrived, I had an opportunity to swim with dolphins in the ocean. I spent two hours navigating the waters on the back of the animal’s slippery body—it was incredible. I’m sure that this kind of experience can only be enjoyed once in a lifetime.
2 Last summer, I traveled to Mexico with my family on vacation. The trip gave me a chance to learn about another culture and try out many new activities, including riding on the back of a dolphin and eating delicious Mexican food! The trip was unforgettable.
3 After riding on dolphins, my mom and dad took me to a colorful Mexican restaurant where I tried all different kinds of new foods, including enchilada, tortilla, and fajitas.
4 It was a delicious and stimulating meal. The world is full of so many interesting cultures that I think everyone should try to travel as much as they can. I know that I will continue traveling as much as I can. These kinds of experiences only happen once in a lifetime.

  • 13.The current essay draft is very disorganized. If you could reorganize the order of paragraphs 1, 2, 3, and 4 to make the essay clearer, what order would you choose?
  • 14.The sentence, “It was a delicious and stimulating meal” would best be moved to the end of which paragraph?
  • 15.Overall, what is a major problem with the student’s draft above?

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